Warm Up Your Kitchen With These 11 Sizzling Color Combinations

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are over, and now we’re faced with a long, cold, dreary winter. So, what better way to brighten things up than with a new kitchen makeover? No, we don’t mean gutting the whole thing and starting over. Just by doing some repainting and maybe adding some new décor you could make your whole kitchen sizzle!


By combining warm colors with one or two complimentary cool colors, you can brighten up your cooking space. Here are 11 examples of some color combinations that you could to try to help give the winter blues the boot it deserves!

  1. Khaki + Butter

By painting the walls with the warmth of a soft buttery yellow, you can cozy up any kitchen. Pair it with a cool khaki on your cabinets, and you will have a winning combination. Boost this look even more by adding wooden accents, copper pots or bowls, and woven baskets.

  1. Eggplant + Sage

Who said food couldn’t be used as decoration? By using jewel tones, such as a pinky eggplant, you can warm up any breakfast room. Just make sure when you’re using a bold color such as eggplant, that you balance out the color by using a muted color, like a dusty sage. Let the eggplant shine in things like artwork and textiles, and leave the sage the cabinets and table. Further enrich the room by using wood tones in the architecture, i.e. distressed floors, furniture legs, and wood-clad ceilings.


  1. Navy + Pumpkin

When going for this memorable look use your cool colors of navy and soft grays on the cabinets and hardworking spaces. Then contrast that with the glowing warmth of a pumpkin orange on the walls. This beautiful combination is a little more modern and pairs strikingly with stainless steel appliances and white trim.

  1. Daffodil + Cherrywood

Let the daffodil yellow wake up your cabinets and add a lively start to all your mornings. While yellow is a good companion for red, the two together can sometimes be a little too loud for a space like a kitchen. So, use cherrywood, which has red undertones that will still warm the space, but won’t set off any fire alarms. Throw in deep mauve or white accent pieces to help perfect this look.

  1. Khaki + Chocolate + God

Choose one warm tone, such as chocolate, to help heat up different levels n your kitchen. Let the khaki take over the cabinets, and accent with gold’s to help make this quaint look come together.

  1. Ginger + Mocha + White

Nothing brightens up a space better than white cabinets. And when you combine that with mocha furniture and ginger accents, you’re asking for a killer kitchen.


  1. Sunny Yellow + Mahogany + Persimmon

Yellow is always a popular choice for kitchen cabinets and walls, and for good reason. It ads warmth while cheering up the room where you’ll start your day! Contrast all the brightness with cool mahogany wood finishes, and persimmon colored accents.

  1. Honey Gold + Greige

Greige is that color you get when you mix gray and beige. It’s very neutral and gives off a classy rustic vibe. It’s perfect for warming brown undertones and is the ideal match for cabinets and woodwork. Add in your honey gold through wooden accents, and pair with stainless steel appliances for a look you’ll never forget.

  1. Brick + Beige

If you want a warm and bright pop in your kitchen, go with a brick red. By painting your cabinets and woodwork this color, you’ll give your kitchen a bold look. Tone it town by bringing in beige countertops and fixtures.

  1. Burnt Orange + Navy + Robin

This is another bold look. Start by painting the walls a vibrant orange. Contrast that with robins egg cabinets, and a barely blue backsplash. Throw in accent pieces on the wall that are navy, to really give some pop in your kitchen.


  1. Coca +Moss

This sleek combination combines two very earthy colors. Perfect for a place where you’re going to start your day. Paint the walls a mossy green and contrast that with cocoa furniture and gold frames and accents.


Any of these color combinations can brighten add warm to your kitchen space. And during the time of year where everything is dead or dying, wouldn’t it be nice to breathe in a little new life into your home?