How To Open Up Your House To Your Backyard

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You have finally finished landscaping and beautifying your backyard. You’ve spent countless hours pouring in your blood, sweat, and tears to make it the most wonderful and magical backyard possible. But wait, there’s a problem. You can’t see the fruits of your labor because your own house is blocking the view. Well, we’re here to help.


This article gives you a list of ideas on how you can open up hour house to your backyard, and gaze upon the splendor of all your hard work.

Idea #1: Supersize the windows

Super size of your windows not only allows you to gaze upon the beauty of your backyard, but it also helps to maximize the amount of light that comes into your home. This can help you make your living space look bigger, while bringing in the warmth of natural light.

Idea #2: Go Deep

Instead of super sizing your windows, you can simply choose to go deep. Meaning, you can keep a sliding glass door as it is, while next to it cutting into the wall and putting in a glass window frame. This still gives you more viewing space and at the same time gives your home a more modern feel.

Idea #3: Be repetitive

One way you can be repetitive is by adding in 3 sets of pretty double doors. This is not only athletically pleasing, but it gives great vantage points to your backyard while also allowing in a fair amount of natural light.

Idea #4: Focus on the view

By focusing on the view we mean, instead of pouring money into adding more windows or doors, instead change the kitchen to be more neutral tones such as whites or creams. That way, your eye will naturally go to the windowed kitchen door and the brilliant colors of your backyard. When updating your kitchen theme, incorporate features, such as white faux brick wall to give your kitchen subtle textures.

Idea #5: Build in a dining nook

This option may be a lot more costly, but by adding a dining nook you can completely change the look of your kitchen while opening it up to the brilliance of your backyard. When adding on to your kitchen, try to keep your colors neutral. So as to keep the local point on your backyard. Again, if you want to add in texture to help bring more life into the kitchen, try using features such as white faux wall panels. This is an inexpensive item that can add subtle class to your renovation project.


All of these ideas are just a few different ways you can help open up your house to the beckoning world of your backyard. Plus, by opening up your house you can bring in more natural light, which helps add a certain touch of comfort and beauty into your living space. After all of your hard work that you’ve done, you should make it a priority to be able to see and delight in your accomplishments on a daily basis. To be able to stand in your kitchen or living room, and gaze upon the beauty of the world you helped create, will not only bring a sense of accomplishment. But, it will also give you the opportunity to share it with your family and guests that come into your home.